By hjarald

Air Cooled Scheveningen

Air Cooled is a yearly occurring event featuring VW Beetles and VW T-Busses on the boulevard of Scheveningen. As I am a Beetle fan - I owned approx 12 different older ones and currently still drive a New Beetle - I had to visit this event.

Compared to previous years there were two major downers; the boulevard is under re-construction so the event was scattered into several smaller spaces with limited vehicles and - downer two - it rained which is not great for my camera.

But there was an upside too... colorful umbrellas everywhere.

As there are new European Law on privacy, I thought it might be a nice opportunity to see if I could shoot it with unrecognizable people passing by and have the cars razorsharp (at 1/4 second handheld)

Oh yes, and of course there is a nice Dutch story to this item too. The VW T-bus - better known as the popular Samba Surfer dudes bus - is a concept of Ben Pon, the Dutch VW Importer.

Have a great day!

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