By HarrythePotter

Wistful Wisteria.

This Wisteria is the best shape of all the ones I look after and the scent today was devine. There is a deep red rose that climbs through it but it never flowers until the wisteria finishes however this year might be a first, fingers crossed for next week.

I weeded the rest of the brick pavers at the front of the house today and transplanted some saxifrage to see if it will grow in some of the gaps.

Unfortunately there are 3 viburnums at this property which have been decimated by tiny caterpillars in a week. I don't like chemical sprays so have used an organic plant invigorator to see if that makes a difference, I'm not too hopeful but at least it has meant that other vulnerable shrubs have been sprayed ahead of further attacks.

After work I walked the boys with RF and then we ate dinner together before I left for a night at the night shelter which, so far, is peaceful.

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