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Kintore Aerodrome

Now enjoying a new lease of life as an North Sea Oil industry warehouse, this black corrugated-iron shed was built in 1935 by local joiner Reggie Bisset and was home to two de Havilland 89 Dragon Rapides of Ted Fresson's Highland Airways.
Captain Fresson was a pioneer of aviation in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland during the 1930's and formed Highland Airways Ltd. He established a network of aerodromes in the region, including Kintore airstrip. During 1933 he flew passengers to and from Shetland, the first commercial charter out of Aberdeenshire. He went on to fly charters and airmail services to many parts of the Highlands and Islands, including Shetland, Orkney and Wick from the Kintore base. Captain Fresson died in Inverness in 1963, leaving a legacy of air travel throughout the North of Scotland.
I am sure that Reggie Bisset would have been proud to learn that his creation is still in use.

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