My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Sleeping dogs

My office floor today.

And very glad to see my boy snoring his head off.

He fell yesterday morning trying to get on the bed and had obviously hurt himself. He quickly recovered and seemed fine during the day and it was only as we started our walk yesterday evening that it became apparent that things were definitely not fine.

His walk was aborted (the other two still needed to stretch their legs!) but he ate his dinner and then seemed fine last night so we hoped a good night's sleep would see him right.

Unfortunately not.

So a trip up to the vets first thing to be there when they opened at 8.30am.

Too painful for him to be properly examined but we're hoping he's just pulled or strained something and painkillers and seven days rest should sort everything out.

No rest for me though as I've now three dogs to carry down the stairs - and one up!

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