Flower ........

 ............ Friday1_2018  (FF1_2018).

(Tag explanation - 1st of the month and 2018 is the year - next week will be FF8_2018)

Taken near the garden pond - that we can hardly see now - it's a "work in progress" like the rest of the garden! 
The bee was having a feast and climbed quite fast from the bottom of the flower to the top.  
I've always thought that this is purple loosestrife but was told, when I posted a photo a couple of years ago here on blip, that it's not and I can't for the life of me remember what it actually is.
It's very pretty anyway.

UPDATE:  I cannot believe it was 28 July 2012 that I posted the blip when mollyblobs set me right on the plant ...... it is actually Purple Toadflax ......  it only seems like a couple of years ago!!!!

I've fallen behind again with BB Heart and HM sprinkling for FlowerFriday but hope to get caught up again very soon - sorry!!

~ Anni ~

If you fancy a look at a leaf abstract then that's what I backblipped for yesterday.

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