The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

When the Second World War Gets a Face...

Spent so time today at the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery... We go there on a regularly base... Lest We Forget
The Reichswald Forest War Cemetery is a military cemetery in Kleve, Germany. The cemetery is located just across the border at Nijmegen and is located in the Reichswald. It is with 7654 graves the largest cemetery of the Commonwealth in Germany. 176 of these 7654 graves are unidentified. Mainly soldiers with British nationality rest here. However, there are also 1239 graves of soldiers with a different nationality mainly from Canada, New Zealand, Poland and Australia...

Shortly after the Second World War, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) decided that a piece of land in the forests of the Reichswald would serve as a cemetery for thousands of fallen soldiers in Germany. The design of the cemetery comes from Philip Dalton Hepworth. German prisoners of war who were under Canadian supervision performed an important part of the work.

Thanks for the love and all the wonderful comments for my yesterday’s blip! Xxx

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