House Martins

When Springwatch started on BBC at the beginning of this week, the presenters asked if anyone had seen house martins, which are apparently becoming endangered. Well, Len and I had when we went to Ferrers Arts Centre on 2nd May. We returned today to obtain visual evidence.

The house martins were still swooping about, visiting their nests in the corners of the upstairs windows facing the courtyard. They would also penetrate into the brick eaves. I'm not sure that there were holes there where young could hide but possibly ledges on which the birds could settle. There must be a plentiful supply of insects in these little hidey spaces too.

I rather got the impression that the young had fledged but that adults were still bringing them tit bits and keeping an eye on them, as shown.

We'll see if Springwatch acknowledges the photos.

Len said he wanted to visit the nurseries on the way out, which I had never visited. They're amazing. So many plants plus a coffee shop into which we can take Basil. And 10% discount for senior citizens on Tuesdays.

We made it home just in time for Len to get ready for his bowls lesson.

When I got up this morning, I had another go at photographing yesterday's flower arrangement, taking heed of the tutor's advice on lighting and viewpoint. See extra.

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