Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Flower Friday: Flame tree flowers

I've got my day correct today!! I woke up in the morning knowing it was Friday and remembered my blip for yesterday. I had to get to my phone and edit it quickly!

So, following on from this blip from just over a month ago, the flame tree outside the living room is finally blooming on our side! My blip is from the front window. I wish there was some way of capturing what the streets look like at the moment, lined on both sides with red trees!

It's been a mixed and busy day. G went into the kitchen to bake a couple of cakes and do a few things (she was going to tackle the oven). In the process, there has been quite a bit of washing up. I've always said she would make a very good Labour Minister!!

The great news is that my part is on its way to me. I hope it will be here in 3 rather than 5 days!

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