Flower friday

An incredibly hot, uncomfortable day ... up at 5 getting last few bits ready for little’un as she headed off at 6 for the Scottish Orienteering Champs .... so sad I couldn’t drive down/be with her but I was committed to attending a course on badminton coaching.

A really good, if exhausting day, thankfully feeling a bit more human, throat still sore but less so. Coach kept us on the go from 9.30 till 2.30, we were all quite exhausted at the end, not to mention hot and sweaty as the heating was on in the Games Hall (mad!!!) and despite the fire exit doors being it was boiling!

Straight onto school to do after school badminton club - again exceedingly hot!

Sat out in the garden topping up my fluids, too hot to sit so watered my plants ... the acquilegia was looking stunning in the sun with some wee droplets on the leaves.

No rain or storms for us yet, the garden badly needs it! Little’un said there was torrential rain just as they were leaving Pollock Park and then intermittently up the A9 until Aviemore.

Very sad news that m-i-laws partner died .... he had a chronic, nasty deteriorating health condition but has been extremely well the last few weeks, improving rather than declining. A real gentle giant of a Yorkshire man, lovely, lovely man, we’ll miss him greatly.

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