Roadside thistle

The weather forecast was not looking great so I had planned my day to get on with some online tasks which I've been postponing. 

The forecast was wrong so Cooper and I had ourselves a fabulous day. 

Started off with a swim in the loch (just Cooper) and a nice long walk before it got too hot. On the way we came across a fabulous Fergie tractor being put to good use and this roadside thistle with a pretty visitor. Not a great photo of the tractor, but I think it'll be out tomorrow so I'll try again.

A spot of gardening for me while Cooper had a siesta and then I sat out for a bit reading up on some holiday ideas. Now onto some baking for a garden work party down at the community garden. I don't really want to have the oven on as it's still 22 degrees at 9.45pm so it might be a midnight bake!

Have a good weekend blippers.

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