Interesting week. Last Friday the estate agent said we may need to re-think how we sell the house, this week we have a firm offer on the table that we have accepted. Everything has changed in just a few days.

Today's flower picture is a white Nigella or love-in-a-mist flower from our garden. They were planted as a mix of blue and white forms, but now we have mostly white forms and very few blue ones left. The appear at random in the garden every year, sometimes here and sometimes there...

On my way out of the house this evening to go to my French lesson, I bumped into a colleague from the Parish Council and his wife, and we chatted. He said how are things and I said okay, pointed at the For Sale sign and said we're sad to be moving, and then they said we know, we're buying it! They have taken to walking past "their house" in only a few days. We will be VERY SAD to leave the house and the village - but it is always nice to know that someone else loves the house already.

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