musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha


Two interesting assumptions I found people from the UK or other developed countries have about Nepal are that everybody is poor in the country and that the country has snow all year around. I don't blame them. Nepal is known for our Mount Everest and the country is poor. The World Bank reports that Nepal's inequality is 32.8%.

Poverty is relative. The other day I heard people talking about what is considered poverty in a developed country. Our poverty is different. It can be as bad as people literally not having enough to eat or women dying from childbirth. I am not, however, saying our poverty is bigger or worse than yours. Well, I looked at a report on inequality and found that America and the UK have more inequality (income) compared to Nepal.

The picture captures a khalisisi guy (recyclable waste collector who walks from home to home on his scruffy cycle every day to buy empty bottles, waste paper and plastic stuff) in front of a car meant to show the different lifestyles within the Kathmandu valley.

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