A day with my sister and nephew...

Today my sister, nephew and I went a fair called Dozer Days. All profits go to children's charities. The idea is to let children 2-12 years of age to ride and use real construction equipment. 

The first collage is my nephew playing  with his favorite piece of construction equipment, a crane. Yes He got to lift the hook up and down, move it around and... The second collage is my nephew using a digger. Scooping up sand, moving and then dumping it. They also had many piles of sand on the fairgrounds, with all the construction toys to play with. 

The last collage has my sister and her son having a snack, the happy cones, and as we were leaving we saw a gal making balloon animals for the children. Well she wanted to make my nephew something really special, a balloon jet pack. They picture shows him high fiving the gal along with saying thanks..

It was a really great Saturday and we are already looking forward to seeing it next year.. Tomorrow I will spend time with my dad.. 

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