Moving out!

Today our bluetit lodgers moved out - and not a word of a thank you. They waited until this morning's rain had cleared before the first three made a break for the hedge and comparative safety. It took a little while before the rest began to emerge but then numbers four to eight popped out in short order. We could see number nine looking out but when MaggieD moved to take some photos, mum took exception and we had a very peeved bluetit whizzing past our ears warning us off. Some thanks for chasing away magpies, crows, gulls and any other potential predators!
On the other hand, Chloe is settling in fine. We had a reasonable night with only a couple of whimpering sessions. As I type this, Chloe is lying at my feet, fast asleep on her cushion surrounded by her toys. (See today's extra)

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