Bugs & buzzy things!

Sunday 3rd June 2018             (backblip)

Not a bad day at all ....... though it was fairly cloudy we only had a few spots of rain on the drive there ..... result!

We went to Chambers Farm Wood ....... we knew they have hard paths & after yesterday's deluge it seemed prudent!

We heard a lot of birdsong as we walked round .... but didn't manage to see hardly any of them. We did manage to see a Chiffchaff though! We also saw a Buzzard on the journey.

I couldn't decide which of these to blip ..... so you get them all

Top L: ????? unknown bug! Update: soldier beetle ..... thanks to Chamaeleo for the identification :-)
Top R: Froghopper

Bottom L: Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth (I think)...... a first for me!
Bottom R: Beefly

We also saw another Buzzard on the drive home!

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