The Many Adventures of Minny Blipper

He saw that Marie was just about overcome by the heat, and couldn't hang on for a second longer.  It was as though he suddenly had the strength of ten men.  Seeing his loved one about to be overcome by smoke and flames, he grabbed her and lowered her gently into the arms of the waiting policemen. 

Swiftly turning around he picked up the abandoned water hose, switched it on, and bravely fought the fire. 

A great cheer went up as the flames started to die down.

Then a great groan went up, as someone said Where is Monsieur le Chef.  Is he toast?  No-one's seen him for ages.

Minny wished the crowd would just shut up.  Cheers, groans, cheers, groans, couldn't they make up their mind?

As all his superhuman strength deserted him, he climbed wearily down from the ladder and walked up to the restaurant to survey the damage and hopefully take a picture for the Lego Times (except that for the first time in his life, he had put his camera down to fight the fire, and now he didn't know where he'd put it), and then he saw.......

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