Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Poorly Sookie

sookie's still unwell
the vet says it takes a while
must be her tendon

I went again to the vet's with Sookie as planned on Monday morning. He was pleased with how her wound looks, it's healing well. But she still has quite a severe limp, and he reckons it's because the wound is probably a bit deeper than it looks and her tendon could have been hit. So he gave me a course of anti-inflammatory medicine to give her.

I wasn't sure how it would go down, as she's extremely sensitive and will normally smell if something's not normal with her food. But fortunately it's in liquid form and it went down a treat (so to speak) with a bit of tuna! :-) I'm happy, because I want her to get better as soon as possible and it would have been tricky if she'd not accepted the medicine well...

What she does most at the moment is rest, preferably in a secluded corner so Sherlock can not get at her as easily as he would like. He's fierce with her, wanting to take her space wherever she decides to go. We can't shoo him off all the time, so I think he'll spend a bit more time outside than usual for a few days, until she gets better.

Here she was hidden behind those few boxes that have still not been unpacked.

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