One man and his dog

Terrible photograph but I was waiting for Marlane at Gloucester General Hospital and wandered about with Jonty for a while.
We walked across the pedestrian crossing, you can see behind us, and spotted our reflection in a window with a closed Venetian blind. I thought it was dreadful that I didn't have my camera on me but thought I'd try out my, poor quality, phone camera. 
It's only a cheap little Nokia 130 but being small, and having Bluetooth, it's very handy for when I'm riding.
It's the only photo I have taken today so there you have it, my Blip for today.

I have been planning out my ride for the 16 June, checking distance and times between the points where I have to get a receipt, usually for fuel, to prove I've stuck to the route.
Looks like it is pretty much 4 hours, and between 160-200 miles, between refuelling stops apart from the last leg that is around 3 hours. That makes it around 23 hours riding but I don't think it will take quite that long, I added the odd 1/4 of an hour to each leg for leg stretching (pun intended!).

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