Brooklands Lagoon

We were on the road before 6 am this morning, cold, dark and damp.  
Delivered the coffee machine to the repairers just after 8.  

Found a cafe nearby for breakfast, then took the 45 minute drive to Brookland Lagoon.  I have a Facebook friend (who I have never met) that does some extraordinary bird photography in the area.  I thought a recce was needed.  The weather was the pits, fresh snow on the nearby hills, wind very lazy.
The most weird and random thing happened....we were the only mugs there, until another vehicle arrived, I recognised her and her dogs, so made myself known and we spent a hour or more together, her taking me to her haunts.  Three birdie picies in extra.

Back to the city, out to New Brighton for lunch, some beach/pier/people photography there,  then called on our BIL not home sadly.  He lives near Deans Bush so opted for a walk and more photography....I've not looked at any of these yet.

Picked up the coffee machine, which sadly the brewing thingi has a seal that is causing the problem.....$250 later thanks very much.  Still worth it, as we love our machine (in the wall).....will be couriered down to us in a few days, Doug will be able to assemble it.

Very weary tonight, its been a long day - 5 hours of driving with lots of photography fun in between. 


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