Endless light

We've come north to the land of endless light. The sun sets here (Oulanka National Park) at 0015 and rises again at 0150. In fact, the only times when the sun is due to be out in the next couple of days appear to be "during the night" as it were -- that is, during the times when one is supposed to be asleep. Let's see how that goes. The weather isn't too bad. It's a bit grey, but quite bright as there's lots of water around. As we were driving up here from Kuusamo airport, the sun was out. A bit of rain is expected, but not much. The ground is incredibly dry. It hasn't rained for a month.

We're staying in accommodation that is literally in the middle of nowhere. That doesn't mean it's basic. Far from it. It's a lovely wooden house built in 2008, and the top floor is a self-contained flat. There's good wifi - but it's 5G. P told me the other day that when mobile broadband started to be "a thing", that was good for these parts of Finland, as the landlines were terrible. So the investment has been in mobile broadband rather than improving the landlines.

Tomorrow we are planning to do a walk. There won't be a problem trying to find a time when it's light to do the walk - unlike the last time we were this far north (well, actually this is a degree or so further south and outside the arctic circle). Hopefully, I won't be so exhausted by walking 12 kms that I have to have a lie down.

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