Farmers Market

I will start of apologising for a bit of a lame Blip today, this is the only photo I have taken.

I had put a pain score of 7/10 when I went to bed, which soon became 10/10 when I led down to go to sleep.  I gave up and read a bit and in the end did get some rest.

We walked into town to get the Special Buy drone from Aldi.  In fact the website said we could try in store, so that was what I asked for!  I think trying it in store would have been fun!  It looked worth a try for the price and so checked we can return it if we don't think it will do.  The farmers market was on so I took this en route to Costa for a nice cup of coffee.

This time I had wanted to walk home to try a bit more walking for my foot.  It was fine but my shoulder was not!

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