Day to day today

By Jewels4663


Went across to Folkestone today. Had lunch at Rocksalt, which was lovely but extortionate (my friend thought it wasn't so lovely and extortionate, but I think I made a better choice than her!), then went for a walk along the front.

It was incredibly rough and, madly, there were surfers out - it was FREEZING! Then we spotted this guy, who had fastened himself into his kayak/canoe but was waiting for the waves to come him to carry him out - and he waited for quite a while!

Further along, the waves were crashing over the walkway - it always amazes me that people see that happening, then go right to the edge with their kids and dogs to get a better look (and to get their kids and dogs swept away, if they're not careful).

We then went along to a discussion as part of the Folkestone Literary Festival with Mary McCartney and James Wong. I have Mary's book, 'Food', which is great - I'm not a veggie, but it's got some really great, tasty but easy recipes in there. James was fascinating - I shall be growing saffron and New Zealand yams next year, although I think I might give wasabi a miss! I ordered his book when I got home to read more into the Homegrown Revolution, and got Mary to sign the one I have - she was very lovely.

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