For .........

 ........... FlowerFriday8_2018  (FF8_2018)

A Hint of Pink - and lots of soft green.

Now, at the risk of losing you all on Fridays to another (wild)flower challenge, I wanted to tell you that Miranda1008 is starting a weekly wildflower challenge where you can post one wildflower any day of the week for inclusion - please click the link for more details.

I do hope you don't all desert me completely and that the two challenges will run beautifully side by side and overlap on Fridays ..... you know I am happy to have all flower-related things posted.

Hop over and see what Miranda has to say and then support her weekly challenge, please..

Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing - and thank you very much for all your kind comments yesterday re: my Mum (and Shadow Dancer)

~ Anni ~

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