Flower Friday!

Went to Rotterdam this afternoon because I had an appointment with a student, which went well.  Extended the deadline for my third-year studes, consulted with colleagues, opened more mail (I had already opened quite a number at home), settled some urgent issues, had a nice chat with colleague M, the one who visited me in the May break.  It showered in the morning, then shone in the afternoon, and right now (20.00 Dutch time), it's kind of a mixture of both.  AW is off playing bridge with his friends.  He took his car because I might go to town myself later, although at the moment I have no idea of what to do there besides having dessert.

This morning, AW went to his physiotherapy and while he was out I managed to vacuum upstairs.  Then he went to get some things at the supermarket and forgot my lemons, but bought some this afternoon while I was at work, so maybe I'll just have a nice cup of tea tonight, with my last Modiano, which I've had to delay.  This was shot on the way home, close to one of the supermarkets in our 'little' neighbourhood.  Had to park the car and walk to the intersection.  Had been meaning to shoot the area for some time but didn't get the chance till tonight.  The flowers were still wet from the showers so were quite fresh.

I certainly intend to have a good weekend and I hope you bloggers get to enjoy your weekend, too!  The weather across the border isn't exactly inviting, so will most likely rest, meaning no foreign shots for now.

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