La vida de Annie

By Annie

Primer huevo del año.

This morning Hermione (previously Herman before it became clear she was female) was busily digging in the garden. Not the most graceful of actions, it involved rocking/balancing on the edge of the hole while enlarging it very slowly with each back foot in turn. Not wanting to put her off by watching, I went off to inspect the new Lidl supermarket which opened today after a ceremony by the mayor and the company's director. Not a bad place as it turned out, very modern, clean and spacious, but I would have welcomed an instore café: why do they rarely have those here? Anyway, on returning home it seems Hermione had left a present - see extra. At about an inch and a half in length, I can't imagine how she managed to squeeze that out of the narrow gap at the base of her shell. It's a hard job being female.

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