A moving sunrise.

This morning sunrise was an absolute cracker - all 360° of it. Its not that often that we see it every which way.
I'd love you to take a peek at the extra, it is 5 vertical images merged and shows around 200° of it off.  Against the black background shows it off best.
And why would I put this mono moving sunrise up for my blip - I just find the colours of the extra so garish.
Oh, and another reason could be its the first game for our All Blacks tonight against the French.

Thanks for the love on my wee flower yesterday, I seem to be hogging the Popular page a bit recently

And btw - I've just googled how to type the wee deg symbol on my keyboard....but will I remember it next time, doubtful, so I'm putting it here for future reference -  (hold the alt key down and type in 0176 and bingo !!)  I suppose I'm the only dummy that didn't know.


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