End of the walk

After yesterday's flat tyre, we thought it best not to use the car, and decided on a local walk - Humbleton Hill and beyond. We all started off, but this is as far as I got! Humbleton is the far hill to the right of the blip. Had a painful foot about a month ago, but the problem seemed to resolve itself after a couple of days and I promptly forgot about it. But yesterday afternoon it started whingeing, and after we'd walked a short distance today it was horribly painful. So, reluctantly, I turned back, hobbled to the flat and spent an hour or so working in the 'yard. Dr Google implies that the problem may be tendonitis...

MrM and Vanessa reached the top of Humbleton and then turned back, as the weather had deteriorated (and MrM hadn't taken a waterproof with him...) and they could see rain approaching.

A lazy evening, and a couple of glasses of red.

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