Here and Now

By Mole


Forty years in front of a computer
I pushed my limits to learn, connect, and create.
Dial up, DSL, cable, internet
Floppy disks, hard drives, cloud storage
Hardware, software, apps
Sync devices, remote in
Just want to see a movie tonight
Text message says download an app
To order dinner to be delivered to our seats
Which seats?  Don’t know
“5 seats in the 2nd last row in the middle”
What’s on the menu?  Not on the app
Oh – order there
No thanks – we’ll eat at home. 
Too many food issues to take a chance.
Just want to buy tickets at the door
and see a movie.
Not anymore.
In the black hole
of Technology...
Pencils, erasers, 13-column ledgers, and WordPerfect you are missed!!!

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting.

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