By dreaming


The sky to the east this morning was covered in large, heavy clouds, foretelling a storm that has not yet arrived.  They were so striking that I took a lot of photos, the best of which you see here (and in color, in the Extra.)

This mono shot reflects my mood at the moment, having awakened to the news that the Supreme Court has given its blessing to the purging of voters.  Here we see the first ghastly impact of Trump being allowed to appoint a far-right-wing justice, who puts the increasingly conservative judges in the majority.  

Then, just as I was sitting down to Blip, I saw that Jeff Sessions has declared that victims of domestic or gang violence will not be granted asylum here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  It's not just the breakdown of democracy we are experiencing every day - it's the destruction of everything Americans have always held to be true about our country.  I am heartsick.

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