By marquicruise

So can I just rant how much I hate the toxicity of the registration for Civil service exam here. I mean surely, they could provide some proper system for the inconvience that they are providing for the registrants in that city hall and at least some decency to give us chairs?? because it’s literally exhausting. Imagine? we were in the que for almost 8 hours! Oh you know what’ll make that even damn better? There are no freakin chairs! And take note, there’s no guarantee that when we leave for a while to at least buy a drink or pee, that we still have our places because there’s no number at first and I mean at least a number to let others know that we’re already in the line so before that, we had to tell the people who’s responsible for handling all that application to at least give que numbers to every registrants who’s already there in the line because if that’s not gonna happen it’ll be basically, a line where anyone can just drag another person they know and make other people’s life miserable by maybe not being able to make it to the quota and still waiting for hours that would be useless in the end.

It’s really toxic like I swear. You’re probably wondering why we’re smiling here plus my rant is totally inappropriate but my point is we made it and you know how Filipinos always love smiling despite the problems so that’s just really it. :D

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