Open Studios: “ tell me a story…”

When you open your studio to the public you never know who will walk through the door or what stories they will have to tell.
Today Jennifer McMillan, an artist and a new resident in Bridge of Allan came in.
" Tell me a story and I will give you a Scottish note".
 ( This is one of my iinteractive art projects.)
So she did.
"We were living in Monaco at the time where my husband  was working.
Everyone is so rich there but looks so miserable, proof that money does not buy happinesss.
Well, I used to go to the spa regularly and one day this man asked if he could buy me a coffee because he said I had a ‘smiley face’.
We struck up a casual friendship and every time I went to the spa , if he was there we would chat and share a coffee.
“One day my husband was with me.
" That's the man who buys me coffee " I said pointing him out.
“Do you know who he is?"
"No ....except he lives here in Monaco "
"That"s Stelio Haji- Ioannou, founder of EasyJet."
I gave her a merk. See extra photo.

NB Last  month Sir Stelio Haji-Ioannou, worth according to the Sunday Times Rich List £1.95billion, has joined the ranks of the super-rich philanthropists who have announced that they will give the majority of their wealth to charity.


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