Twice as Nice, Mission and Laurel

Well, there’s certainly an interesting story about this car. Having, of course, no idea what it was, I sent the image to Mr S to see what he could come up with. Somehow I carefully selected the wrong thing from the recipient list and the message was sent to a group of 31 people, which I did not discover until I began to get some strange messages in my inbox. Two people immediatlely sent automated responses saying that they had changed their respective addresses and jobs, which I knew perfectly well and could not figure out why on earth I'd just gotten those random notes, since they’d been gone for months. 

Then it got more interesting: the least likely person I know for car facts came back with a very emphatic ID, accompanied by a photo that looked nothing like this car.  Couple more folks answered Cadillac, two voted for Pontiac, one Buick, one all-encompassing General Motors. Two people wanted to know if there was a prize for the right answer. M was sure that the dog in back was a black lab. Finally, my go-to car guy (Mr ExtraDays) came through: 52 Plymouth Cranbrook. It was a design based on the philosophy  that cars be practical and allow drivers to sit upright while wearing a hat, something that this driver has taken to heart. 

Somewhere in there I figured out how those addresses got grouped together, and I sent an apology and asked folks to ignore the whole thing, but by then people were having too much fun with it. I am just thankful that I didn’t send anything compromising in my original email. It is so easy to make a mess that can’t be undone.  So that is the moral of today’s story: be careful out there. It’s a jungle waiting to happen.

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