The Many Adventures of Minny Blipper

....he saw two things at the same; which is amazing because Minny isn't too good at multi-tasking. 

He saw his camera, and swiftly picked it up, and he saw Monsieur le Chef come puffing around the corner, running as hard as his little legs could carry his rather rotund weight.

Sacre bleu, the little man exclaimed, and smote his head with his hand - luckily just avoiding severe damage to his eye because he forgot he was still carrying his filleting knife.  What 'as 'appened 'ere! 

I'm sorry Chef, said Minny, there's been a fire, and the restaurant  is damaged.  It looks OK from the outside, but the inside is trashed, including my apartment and Marie's studio.

Mon Dieu!  Eet eez all my fault.  I left ze pan on ze stove, and popped out to le boucher (ze butcher), and saw Madame Mathilde in ze street and started gossiping and forgot ze time.  And is anybody 'urt?  What about my little girl, my Marie?

I saved Marie from certain death - but what do you mean, your little girl? 

Marie eez ma fille, my daughter.  I am sorry Minny, but we didn't tell you in case you were after my money.  I made a bad mistake, because it eez clear you love 'er ver' much, and it's nuzzing to do with money.

Monsieur le Chef started towards Minny to give him a man hug, and turning swiftly to avoid manly contact, Minny saw.......

(Join me, same time same place, next week for the next enthralling chapter in the lives of Minny and his one true love Marie - not to mention her Dad Monsieur le Chef).

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