Light evenings

It is so nice to have the light evenings. I blipped this in my way home from ringing practice at about 9:15 pm - hard to believe it was so lovely and light at that time.

What a scorcher of a day! I wimped out of plodding at lunchtime as it was just too hot - so I had a leisurely sit in the shade instead. It was still really warm in the evening - as I wandered to the church there was a breeze but even that just blew hot air around.

I need to get myself a sweatband like the 118 guys for warm weather ringing. As we were doing a fairly long ring, I could feel sweat running down my face - and am not coordinated enough to sort it out whilst still ringing. What an attractive sight that must have been!

Ian is in London for the week and I have a dental appointment Tuesday morning - so a nice leisurely start to Tuesday for me. Let’s just hope it is a nice checkup at the dentist too!

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