By CoffeePotter

The Red Arrows (a bit of)

After a last walk first thing this morning, we took our friends to Exeter Airport for them to board their plane back to Scotland. Whilst we were having a coffee outside the terminal, a lorry arrived with what appears to be the tail fin (or something like that) of a Red Arrows' aircraft. Don't ask me why - I've been unable to find out. It's definitely from the Red Arrows though, as there were various bits of kit such as a huge jack, which were emblazoned with "Red Arrows".
I was most impressed that there was a fairly new table tennis table and two bats and some balls for passengers or visitors to use whilst waiting. A sign read something like "If you haven't someone to play a game with, don't be shy, ask a passer by." 
Thanks you so much to those who identified yesterday's tree/shrub. I haven't yet had a chance to reply and to thank you all individually. We are now on the lookout for one.  Can you please help a second time? In my extras I have put a shot of a tree (it's about 20 feet tall) that is outside a nearby farm. We spoke to the owners today and they don't know what it is, but would love to find out - meanwhile they gave us a few cuttings. There is another of the same variety in a garden in the next village too. I've searched and can't identify it - so help please?? 

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