By daisyconnor

Concretopia 1

A journey to Bagworth, (aka Baguth), a former mining village in south west Leicestershire.
I went in search of the Holy Rood, a rare 1960's built concrete church.
It's been demolished! 
Does that make it a very rare concrete church?! 
A bit peed off I headed over to another slab of concrete.. County Hall, home to Leicestershire County Council..
The interior of the main parts of the building are simply stunning, lots of glass, steel and polished wood. Oh and the odd bit of concrete, here and there.
As I wasn't there on official business I had to content myself with an outside shot of the memorial courtyard. I love the concrete abstract art and think it's a pity that a tree was planted right in front of it. 
Ah well at least I got a blip...
Extra... RIP 'Baguth' Church. :-(
The End.

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