I played with inks and pen nibs that I remembered I had when I found treasure - in the form of two boxes of pen nibs - at the flea-market the other day.

The play encouraged me to open the ink bottles that had glued themselves shut and been set aside to be "dealt with later". They are bottles bought for me by my then boyfriend when I was 19 or so.... so they have the right to be a bit stuck I suppose!

Anyhow, these little cards are the result of an hour of play and half an hour of cutting and sticking - which is also play. Most of them are on A5 paper.

Today we went to see the house we were a bit interested in, but it had been sold. So, a bit of a silly trip to town, but you live and learn. Should check on the web before leaving!

We also cleared a load of scrubby trees, and I ripped up million lupins that were colonising the foresty bit next to our garden. We have permission to take self-seeded saplings and it keeps the view open. I love this kind of work in the green gym, and I think there will be more of the same tomorrow.

It's looking more like rain might happen, which would be great for all sorts of reasons. However, it will stop all felling activities as the insects will be awake after rain. Today I got very few bites, despite thrashing about in the undergrowth for a couple of hours. 

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