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By norah

Perfectly pink

Astrantia in flower, growing in the former pond. The bees like it, and it should go on flowering for weeks. 
Copper and I had a warm, sunny walk this morning. But after lunch the dog groomer's van came up the drive - who wanted to go in first? Well, Copper went first and came out looking very different an hour and a half later!! Russet was a bit reluctant, but put up with it and came out smelling and looking gorgeous. Since then, apart from eating a big dinner, Copper has been asleep!!  No photos yet - maybe I'll snap them tomorrow.
While all this was going on, I was planting out more plants, weaving in two shades of blue lobelia between the pond bed perennials. I found this idea in a book by Margery Fish (Groundcover plants) and it may keep the weeds at bay. 
Preparations are under way for our WI Garden Party tomorrow afternoon! Fingers crossed for a dry afternoon! 

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