Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I've posted this composite photo of my big azalea bush simply because I think that may be the last time I see the blooms this year. We came home to find it in full, bridal gown glory, but tonight the rain is falling and the gales are hotting up nicely and I can't see it lasting the night.

It's a full three weeks since I last saw rain - that wild thunderstorm in Central London the night before we went on the Orient Express - and though part of me is happy that I won't need to lug the watering can round the pots again, the rest of me is fretting - about scaffolding, new plaster, unfinished window surrounds, unfinished roof extension ...

But my builder told me to have faith. I shall shut my ears and do just that. At least I don't sleep on the west-facing side of the house ...

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