Ruby - Day 2

Marlane and I visited Ruby in the afternoon. We were allowed into the NICU where they look after the sick and premature babies but only after much washing of hands even after using the squeezy bottle of handwash outside the door, and only if escorted by Johanna or Luke.
This photo was taken around 14:30 so she was 1 day 4.5 hours old. Comparing yesterdays photograph you can see some of the paraphernalia of tubes has gone.
While were there the doctor came to speak to Johanna so we got a great update on how well she is doing. The doctor is quite amazed, and pleased, at just how well Ruby is doing and progressing quickly.
Still early days, lots of progress to make yet, but it's all very hopeful.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments. Johanna has read them and was quite amazed at what a lovely bunch of people blippers are  :-)


It's not a great photo, taken through the thick plastic of the incubator.

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