By the Waimea River at Brightwater

If Gran had been able to continue living out on the farm at Tapawera, this would have been the sort of environment that Naani would have been living in. The Motueka River bordered the farm on one boundary, and it looks very similar there to how the Waimea looks here. This was the first time I'd taken the dog out to the walkway/cycleway along the Waimea River at Brightwater, birthplace of Lord Ernest Rutherford (Brightwater, not the cycleway!), which I discovered a few weeks ago when I went out in search of a blip.

Things were OK until she spotted a black cat in one of the paddocks, and went madly chasing up and down the fence line, trying to find a way in. I'd thought she'd be more interested in the river, but no - it was all about trying to find a way into the paddocks after that, and in one place she did. At that point there were vines planted and she went haring off - I could see sheep and lambs nearby, so had to yell myself hoarse to get her to come back - which she did, eventually. 

But after that nerve-wracking episode, I had to put her onto the lead for peace of mind.  She pulled like anything though, so it turned into a nightmare of a walk. I shall not take her there again - though I will go myself, with the camera. I saw a Yellowhammer sitting on the fence - it would have made a lovely blip, and there were Masked Lapwings, too but too difficult to photograph with Naani on the end of the lead. I did get a couple of of Paradise Shelducks on the wing.

There were lovely views of Mt Rintoul, my favourite local mountain. One of these days I'd like to get to the the top of it.  When I dropped Naani back to Gran, I had to stay for a cup of tea with circular conversation (ever decreasing circles!) and CNN blaring in the corner. I ended up going home with a splitting headache, so the rest of the evening was a bit of a washout.

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