Sphere reflections

There's no sun today and a rather grey/white sky which doesn't make for the kind of reflections I was planning to use for today's Abstract Thursday challenge. So the transparent sphere-shaped birdfeeder attached to one of the living room windows comes to the rescue, it's reflective itself and is doubly reflected in the window pane. I did some blue/green gradient tweaks to emphasise the colours. Trying out an early birthday present which arrived today, after extensive use over at least 8 years with much wear and tear, scratches and (shock horror) internal mildew I've received a new 18-300mm zoom lens for my birthday tomorrow, hurray ! Getting ready for a bake-athon tonight, a carbs-poor try-out cake for me an an apple pie for the rest :-)

Don't forget to tag your Abstract Thursday entries with the AT155 tag !

Thanks so much for your kind comments for yesterday's ant on buckwheat Blip. The aphid farm herds are still there, so I'll have to take further measures !

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