Bumblebee on Astrantia

My first excursion to photograph bumblebees in the garden since we’ve been home (and I think this year, although they featured a lot last year).  It’s several years since, what I took to be, a Tree Bumblebee Queen tumbled out of some sheets I was folding (she was huge) and I think they have become well established in our garden.  I’ve also put an `Early Bumblebee’ in the extras as I’d noticed that they were particularly active on the Cranesbill today.  Our Lavender is not quite out but I’m sure when it does finally make it a whole range of insects will be available for photography.

I managed quite a bit of tidying in the garden this morning and also needed to take the hose-pipe around to top up the watering I did with the watering can yesterday.  (And my favourite watering can has gone missing!). The wind certainly wreaked havoc yesterday as well as providing us with one of our most exciting plane landings in years!

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