Scoillam na Móna

A very pleasant evening at TJs last night and when we drove home at 11.15pm there was still light in the sky.

I don't know what I've been doing today but I did nip a short way up the mountain in search of a bit of bog to see if the bog asphodels were out. They were - just opening. Soon there will be a yellow carpet up there and later on in the early Autumn they will turn a bright rusty orange. They're only small, and their individual flowers are very beautiful - little yellow stars with orange accessories. Irish name: sciollam na móna. And here are some very useful facts:
1. also caused ossifragum for they were once thought to cause brittle bones in sheep who grazed on them. Not correct, the brittle bones were caused by lack of calcium
2. once used as a hair dye for lovely yellow tresses
3. good for a rather interesting variety of complaints including hernias, coughs, ulcers and inflamed genitals! To be taken as a decoction with wine apparently
4. it's toxic, so the above cannot be recommended 

And entry for Miranda's wildflower challenge and for flower friday hosted by Biker Bear. Miranda are we allowed to submit more than one pic a week in the challenge?

Thanks for all the kind comments on yesterday's peas and poppies. It's peas for supper tonight.

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