A wet start to the day....

I kept waiting for the (forecasted) sun to come out, but when it got to be 2:00 and was still dark, cloudy and wet, I went outside and took a few shots of my peonies. Then, of course, by 3:00 it started clearing up, so Jennie, Mae and I decided to head over to the opening of Polish Fest at the Lakefront. We all love to watch the dancing and the fabulous costumes, but unfortunately there was no dancing until tomorrow; however, there was still lots of music, food and the marketplace! (I love the Polish Pottery!) Jennie found a beautiful skirt for Mae, one for herself, and a scarf in one of the stalls.....she went to pay for them but had inadvertently left her credit card at home & only had $15.00 with her. She came and asked me if she could borrow my credit card, only I hadn't brought one either. I'd just grabbed the cash in my wallet & stuffed it in my pocket, as I didn't want to carry a purse. Well, we pooled our cash and we were $8.00 short, so Jennie was trying to decide which item to put back. The lady, (who had talked to Jennie at length while I kept Mae busy) told us that because we had "such a great Polish name", she would give us the three items for the amount that we had. We couldn't believe it.....such a kind thing to do! Jennie offered to bring her the money tomorrow, and the lady said to just enjoy them and that would be payment enough. Wow! What a generous, big-hearted person!!  :)))
A big thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting FlowerFridays!!

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