Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

British Flowers

With taking part in the Emma Davies 'Flower photography Course' I got the opportunity to be part of a crowdfunding initiative to raise money to fund the production of a 'flower' book promoting British flowers grown by Claire Brown, with photographs by Emma Davies.
I snapped the chance up, a small donation contributed to the book's publication - which is now I believe 'the' book to have for florists.
My pledge also included me in a photography day today in the flower growing fields of Claire Brown, along with Emma Davies and other crowdfunders.
What a fabulous day, to meet Emma and Claire themselves (I was quite star struck) and oh flowers, photography, jam and cream scones and other like minded folk.
A flatlay here, staged by myself, with 'English country garden flowers in June' as per the book, and wild flowers in extras.
Many, many, many photos to look through and process.........popped on my to do list.
A very lovely day, all good things :) 

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