Night Flowering Catchfly (WFW-01)

I almost failed to find something for this new challenge, but Gill's garden planning came to the rescue with this grown from seed wildflower.  She has been looking for plants we can put into the old railway cutting behind the house and this is one of those awaiting a new home.  It is quite windy outside so not much chance of photographing something genuinely wild.  I brought it into the house and let it stand for a while, around 9:15 as the sun was setting the flowers began to open ... so it is living up to the first part of it's name.   The sticky stems ought to cover the second part of the name.

Thanks to everyone for the comments stars and hearts on yesterday's effort - and also to Miranda1008 for organising this new flower based challenge.

Gill is behaving and allowing me to look after her - so minimal commenting for a few days yet.

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