By BernardYoung

A Sunny Day

‘Mummy, mummy
Why is that man in the skirt crying?’

‘It isn’t a skirt, darling.
It’s a kilt.’

‘Has he been left behind?’

‘No, I’m sure he’s alright.’

‘Oh, but look.
He’s caught up with the car.
He’s grabbed it.
And he’s so strong
he’s stopping it from moving.
Is he a superhero?’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘Oo, everyone’s got out
except the driver.
The lady looks cross.’

‘Mm, she does.’

‘Now nobody’s in the car.
I think the man in the skirt is leaving.
I wonder why he’s got a watering can?’

‘I’ve told you darling, it’s not a skirt.
I don’t think he’ll like it
if you call it a skirt.’

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