We had such fun making a natural dye from avocado yesterday (amongst the confetti drying).  We then had this scarf and some old linen which we decided to try some Japanese Shibori techniques on.  We folded, wrapped and elastic banded all the items and popped them in to the dye bath made from 4 avocados with their skins (what a delicious lunch that was!!) boiled in a lot of water for an hour.  We simmered the contents for 2 hours then left it to stand all night until after breakfast this morning when we unwrapped the bundles.  This is a scarf which started out white.. its taken on quite a good colour... the items on the dryer behind and geometric patterns achieved by folding... it was such fun and so exciting to have a good result. The extra is removing one bundle from the pot and what it looked like once unfolded!  Exciting!

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