Here comes the plane

Chatted over breakfast with AR enjoying 2 weetabixes with her aeroplane spoon. She’d made Mt 2 father’s day cards a portrait of him (somewhat cross-eyed!) and one a rocket. I should have taken photos of them too now I think about it.
Thought about going out for lunch but everywhere booked so we went to M&S and bought some stuff to eat at home-slightly random selection!
P came with Diesel-keen to get me to sign the power of attorney papers (but still not willing to listen to advice on getting his hearing checked or training Diesel more!). Still, Diesel very well behaved thank goodness as I’m nervous when he’s near the little ones.
T took me to the station and managed to work most of the way home although very busy train and some rather smelly people sitting too close to me. Pleased to be home although it’s a busy week ahead

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